Soco Honey (HMF & Moisture Content Report)

Soco's Ulmo Honey,  HMF and Moisture Content

Hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF)

  • Organic compound derived from the dehydration of sugar. HMF is naturally found in all honeys from the beginning stages of production in the honey comb but at low levels. HMF levels will increase if honey is exposed to heat or outside components such as inverted sugars (syrups, additives) are added to the honey during process. HMF is a direct indicator of raw honey quality where lower levels indicate the highest of quality and high levels indicate lower quality.  In Europe and USA, one cannot market as high quality natural honey if their HMF factor is above 40.  In the case of our Ulmo Honey, the HMF measures 8.34mg per KG of honey.

Humidity (Moisture content)

  • This factor is very important for raw honeys. The lower the moisture content, the better, because more water % in honey degrades the pure quality and increases the risk of fermentation over time in storage. Any raw honey should have moisture content that does not exceed 20%. The average honey has around 18.5% moisture content.  Our Ulmo Honey has 17.5%.

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